onsdag 24 april 2013

This mornings/afternoon pieces, I wanted to try out a bit of photomanipulation + painting.
Most of the ''mechanical'' parts of these two are from photos of BWM motorcycles which I warped and transformed to look more cyborg-ish. Nothing I'm really used to but it was really interesting and I did gain some experience from it.

fredag 5 april 2013

 This evening painting session. Clouds are fun to paint, mostly because clouds are so eeeaasy to paint.

onsdag 3 april 2013

Just a sketch done to kill some time, looking back the clothing is quite hasty done and probably my biggest gripe with it.

onsdag 6 mars 2013

Been a bit quite around here lately, let's break into the habbit again, here is something freaky I threw together yesterday. Look out for more!

lördag 16 februari 2013

Had a playful day with my brushes, using a couple of new ones.

Something new, with a style I don't usually go for. Using the lasso tool as my primiary brush.

söndag 3 februari 2013

A speedpainting of the family dog for learning, my intentions is to give the central part of the painting (the face) a more detailed look then the rest of the image.